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Water Up, Fire Down

Meeting Professional

Jan 10, 2024

Countering the stress of the meeting and event industry starts with your own mind-body connection.

Large conferences and trade shows can be exhausting, and they can challenge the resolve of even the most ardent wellness expert.

Body & Brain ( wellness, a company specializing in Eastern holistic energy healing and mind-body practices, was founded in 1996 and now offers 80 U.S. locations (plus many locations around the world). I recently spoke with Dami Kim, former CEO of the company who teaches classes in Las Vegas, at a large trade show and felt a bit better about my poor wellness practices on the road.

It’s important to Kim that people take better care of themselves on the road and at meetings and events. This is also important to Caesars Entertainment, which recently debuted its Wellness Menu for meeting planners, which includes classes with Kim.

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