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Ilchibuko Todd


Wellness Trainer, Keynote Speaker

Ilchibuko Todd is a CEO of Body & Brain, wellness guide and motivational speaker. With 20+ years of Body and Brain wellness experiences, she offers expert guidance in recovering an individual's natural health. She specializes in emotional balance and sound healing to release limited beliefs and bring out true potentials existing within.  She was a former president for a non-profit organization, Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being and Retreat. She was the keynote speaker at Nike HQ’s Mindset Conference for over 1000 people and at Starbucks HQ on mindful meditation for an employee's event. She is a retreat designer and trainer who led the group in the award winning film, LOVE HEALS, through their transformational experiences.  She envisions an individual's wellness to bring wellness to corporations by increasing their productivity and peak performances. 

Ilchibuko Todd
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