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Finding My Aura in Sedona

Northstar Meetings Group

Apr 2, 2024

My three-day wellness journey to mind-body enlightenment offered a sampling of activities and experiences Caesars is now offering groups.

A week ago, I had no aura. I placed my hands, as directed, on the aura-reading machine at the Sedona Mago retreat center, and my vibes did not register at all. After several failed attempts, excitement rippled through the room. “Oh wow!” said one of the mindfulness trainers from Body & Brain Wellness, a global organization that teaches holistic wellness. “This only happens to about one in 1,000 people.” Finally, group leader Dami Kim, director of Body & Brain Wellness, placed her hands over mine to share enough of her aura to kick-start my own energy. (Lost? Here’s a relatively objective explanation of auras from Healthline.)

The visual depiction of my aura reading was entirely blue, purple and white. Translation: My chakras are way out of whack. These colors indicate intuitiveness, curiosity, wisdom and independence. The complete lack of red, orange, yellow and green means I need to be more grounded in my body, adventurous, social and emotional. Of the seven participants in this Body & Brain Corporate Wellness Retreat, I was going to be a tough case for enlightenment.

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