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We deliver tailored wellness experiences for Conventions, Conferences, Workplaces and Employee Incentives.

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With over 30 years of experience delivering wellness to individuals and businesses,

we design your Wellness Program around your needs, offering an exceptional opportunity to nurture your team's holistic well-being, enhancing both individual and collective performance. Our methodology, developed through a creative fusion of ancient wisdom with contemporary insights from neuroscience and education, presents unique 5 steps to personal well-being and transformation.

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Body & Brain Wellness Offers

Wellness Enhancements for Events, Workplace Wellness Programs, Personal Wellness Services, and Wellness Oriented Retreats.

Featured Program

Wellness Retreat for Incentive Travel

Wellness retreats can be an incentive for employees. Employees who return from a wellness retreat may also experience increased focus, energy, and productivity. These benefits can lead to higher profitability and greater success for the organization.

The itinerary of our Wellness Retreat for Incentive Travel includes:

  • Guided meditation walk at Red Rock Energy Vortexes

  • Mindfulness practice for stress management and behavioral change

  • Team-building activities for experiential learning and insights

  • Labyrinth mediation at sunrise

  • Barefoot walking around the healing garden & lake

  • Outdoor Qigong

  • Sound healing for emotional balancing and energy-refreshing