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Body & Brain Wellness Gifts

Enhance Your Wellness Journey with Our Curated Gift Selection

Our wellness gifts are the perfect additions to our wellness programs, from rejuvenating health products to mindful relaxation tools. Each item has been thoughtfully chosen to inspire positivity, increase vitality, and promote a deeper connection with oneself. Elevate your wellness journey or extend it to someone you care about with our exclusive selection.

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Kalm Meditation Drops

Good Bitters Kalm Drops seamlessly blend the delightful sweetness of candy with the natural bitterness and calming effects of the Silk Tassel plant, long valued by indigenous peoples for its relaxing properties. Try Kalm Drops after a meal to help you relax or as a point of focus during a meditation session. The sweet and bitter flavors will stimulate your brain without overwhelming your senses. You may even feel more present and satisfied with just one candy. 

Kool Meditation Balm

GoodBitters Kool Balm combines the refreshing coolness of peppermint with the calming properties of the Silk Tassel plant, long cherished by indigenous peoples for its soothing effects. Apply the balm to your pressure points to awaken your senses and naturally transition into a relaxed, clear-minded state. Ideal as a meditation aid, it helps you settle into your practice more easily and quickly.

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Healing Chakra Essential Oils

Balance your seven chakras with this premium set of essential oil blends, each uniquely formulated to target specific chakra imbalances using high-quality, natural ingredients. Infused with jojoba oil, these oils are safe for direct skin application. Apply them to pulse points or corresponding chakra areas, inhale deeply from the bottle for aromatic stimulation, or add a few drops to your bath or diffuser for a holistic healing experience.

Essential Wellness Guidance

Nourish your mind, body, and spirit with this transformative wellness gift set. Explore the ancient energy principle of "Water Up Fire Down" to cultivate calmness and resilience through mind-body exercises. Radically rethink aging and unlock your longevity potential with "I've Decided to Live 120 Years," packed with holistic wisdom. Finally, harmonize your mind and body through "Brain Wave Vibration," a dynamic meditation technique restoring balance and happiness. This powerful trio provides invaluable tools for a lifetime of vibrant health and fulfillment.

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If you are interested in our wellness programs or wellness gifts, please contact us now.

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