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Cherie Clark-Moore

Senior Program Manager

Wellness Teacher, Speaker

Cherie Clark-Moore has been a Mind-Body instructor for 9 years and is currently the owner of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi, Conroe Texas, which opened in 2017. Cherie is also the mother of 12-year-old twin girls, has lived in 9 countries and has been married for 26 years. She has been a geologist in the oil and gas industry, a teacher in international American schools, a teacher trainer and parenting educator. Through all of these experiences and life’s challenges she has learned (sometimes the hard way!) the importance of self-care for body, mind and spirit. Now she devotes herself to helping others create their own healthy, inspiring lives. Cherie is passionate about helping people reach their full potential to create a happy, healthy and meaningful life. With her professional experiences in energy industry and public eduction, she helped corporations and organizations such as CommonSpirit Health, Conroe & Magnolia Independent School Districts of Texas, PaySphere, Revision Skincare and many others to bring wellness seminars and programs to their work environments.


Cherie Clark-Moore
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