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David Driscoll

Senior Program Manager

Qigong instructor, Wellness Coach

David Driscoll has 18 years of experience delivering qigong and wellness training to a variety of audiences, from Fortune 500 companies to college sports teams and community organizations. Qigong, like Tai Chi, utilizes martial arts postures and exercises for physical wellness, emotional balance, and deeper self-awareness. In addition to Qigong, David is an expert in Brain Education, a mind-body curriculum designed to maximize the brain's natural ability to create health and wellness. For the past six years, David has been featured on "Body & Brain TV," a YouTube channel devoted to health and wellness with over 40,000 subscribers. He also delivers mindfulness sports training through "Brain Golf" classes and seminars. David holds a degree in Anthropology from Princeton University and has a passion for inspiring audiences to become the HEROES of their own journey of self-development.

David Driscoll
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