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Isabel Pastor

Program Director, Public Sector

Public Sector Wellness Expert

Isabel is the Executive Director of the IBREA Foundation and the Editor-in-Chief of Brain World magazine. IBREA is an NGO with consultative status with the UN, committed to promoting human potential development through international collaboration. Isabel has been studying mindfulness principles and practices since 2009 in Boston during her graduate studies in Public Administration at Harvard University. Prior to starting this practice she graduated from Law in her home country Spain, and went on to work for the IOM (UN agency dealing with immigration) to help facilitate legal migration to the European Union from the Western Balkans and North Africa regions for 5 years. In all these years of holistic practice, she has gained extensive experience in various training modalities, including energy healing, body-brain management, and holistic living. She has designed and delivered workshops and projects in many countries around the world, especially to the public sectors, including governments, NGOs, international organizations, women's organizations, and public school systems to create systemic and social change through self-healing. Her teachings cut across cultures and backgrounds to tap into our shared Humanity and brain potential.

Isabel Pastor
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