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Michelle Chin Chin Gavin

Regional Director, North California

Wellness Teacher, Speaker

Michelle Chin Chin Gavin, an expert Brain Education Trainer, Intuitive Healer, and Energy & Mindfulness Coach, currently leads as the Regional Manager for Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi in the San Francisco Bay area. With an impressive 18-year tenure in the field, Michelle has spread wellness principles across the U.S., touching lives in Atlanta, New York City, Long Island, Seattle, and now the Bay area. Her mission transcends mere instruction; it's about empowering individuals to break through their limitations and harness their full potential. Michelle's unique blend of expertise facilitates a deeper self-awareness and equips people with effective self-management tools, setting them on a path to a more fulfilling life. Her passion for human connection and personal growth drives her commitment to fostering holistic well-being, making her a pivotal figure in guiding others toward achieving a balanced and enriched lifestyle.

Michelle Chin Chin Gavin
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